Batbout Panini version


Batbout Panini version

 Hello my Pastry today I share with you a new way of using the batbout dough to make ultra gourmet and soft panini breads, sincerely, it was a treat this variation is really a killer bread goes too well already.  basic mini batbout is 中中 but in panini sandwich version it's really a killer really test you will love I put steak salad ketchup mayo for other panini it was Algerian sauce and slice of  suduk of tomato onion and some fries all accompanied by potato pops

  ingredient for 7

 300 gr of T.45 flour

 200 gr of fine semolina

 (No couscous)

 20 g of baker's yeast (or 10 g of dry yeast)

 10 gr of sugar

 10 gr of salt

 270 g of lukewarm water = (270 ml)

 2 tbsp olive oil

 禁he steps are explained in a permanent batbout story

 睢or the thermomix sourdough, it is the yeast, water + sugar at 37 degrees speed 2 for 2 min or without thermomix in a bowl and let rise for 5 min.

 筧ooking in a frying pan without fat preheat to 6 (then adjust during cooking at a thermostat 4/5, alternate every 2 min on each side until complete cooking to be monitored) after cooking, cover them to keep their softness 中

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