🍔The Giant and its Sauce


🍔The Giant and its Sauce

 from Quick the recipe

 Hello my Pastry I hope you are doing well here I am today with the famous Giant recipe from @ quick.france

 This is really my favorite one for me the most and you?

 Without further ado, here is the Giant recipe as well as the homemade Giant sauce 😋

 Recipe :

 burger 8x🍔

 550 gr of flour T. 55

 320 gr lukewarm water

 10g of dry baker's yeast or 20g of fresh yeast

 65 gr of olive oil

 1tsp salt

 1 tsp of sugar

 30gr of milk powder

 🔸dilute the baker's yeast in water and the sugar, leave to rise for 10 min. Then add the flour, the milk powder and the salt

 Knead 5 min then add the olive oil knead again 5 min

 🔸Place your dough in a bowl lightly oiled, cover and let rise for 1 hour

 🔸Degazer, Shape 110 gr balls

 🔸Leave to grow again for 30min under a towel

 🔸Then bake at 180 degrees 15/20 min (preheat the oven 10 min before)

 🔺 When coming out of the oven, cover your breads with a napkin to have super soft breads

 🔸Giant Sauce:

 1 egg yolk

 1tbsp mustard

 1tsp vinegar

 6 tbsp rapeseed oil optional sunflower oil will do the trick too

 1tsp powdered sugar

 2 small tablespoons of ketchups

 2 tsp of caper

 1/2 onion

 🔸Start by making your mayonnaise:

 Whisk together the egg yolk oil and vinegar until it begins to clear up then cut the capers and onions into small pieces add to mix add the ketchup and sugar then mix cover your bowl and place in the  costs

 🔸For the steaks

 I made 90gr steaks

 I have seasoned with smoked paprika, salt, garlic pepper, cumin you season as you like according to your tastes

 🔸Scroll through the images to see the preparations

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