Stuffed Panini



Stuffed Panini

 Minced meat pepper cheese

 Panini is a type of sandwich served hot after being toasted between the two plates of a sandwich press that I bought from @ action.france.

 This cooking method melts the cheese inside, and gives the bread a flattened shape marked with golden streaks but this time I wanted to make them another way a stuffed version which is just terrible 休

 Recipe: x 7

 550 gr of T.55 flour

 320 gr of lukewarm water

 10 g of dry baker's yeast or 20 g of fresh

 1tbsp sugar

 1tsp salt

 30 gr of milk powder

 70 gr of olive oil

 粱ilute the baker's yeast in water and the sugar, leave to rise for 10 min. Then add the flour, the milk powder and the salt

 Knead 5 min then add the olive oil knead again 5 min

 碓lace your dough in a bowl lightly oiled, cover and let rise for 1 hour

 睥egazer, Shape balls of 130 gr

 Roll out each ball of dough and place the filling and cheese of your choice, some have Gruy癡re and some laughing cow cheese for others

  close (weld) shape see video

 摺reheat your sandwich press and place each Panini one after the other for a 10 min cooking you can accompany with vegetable soup, salad, fries ...

 碉inced meat filling:

 Saut矇 2 shallots or onions in a drizzle of oil 1/2 I put 150 gr of the pepper trio in a bit of water I cooked 10 min over a covered heat then I added 350 gr of minced meat  marinated in spice: 1tsp curcumin, garlic, pepper, salt, paprika, cumin, coriander, tomato paste, cooking 10 min then I mix everything and let cool once the stuffing has cooled you can place it on your balls  pasta

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