The CheeseNaan Burger 🧀🍔


The CheeseNaan Burger 🧀🍔

 The Naan chicken burger how do you say burger 🤤🤤🤤 this is the recipe to test this soft this cheese flowing inside a madness in the mouth all which covers a slice of breaded cutlet a slice of cheddar salad tomato onion and of course  the pickles let's see 😂 with a mammama burger sauce 🤤 and you can?

 ðŸ”¹Recipe for 7 burgers

 Or 14 mini naans

 250 gr of lukewarm milk

 20 gr of baker's yeast

 1tbsp sugar

 1tsp salt

 350 gr of T45 flour

 20 gr of olive oil

 1 tsp of baking powder

 7 laughing cow cheese

 ðŸ”¹Start by diluting the baker's yeast in the milk and the sugar and leave to rise for 10 min

 Then add the oil

 Half the flour, baking powder, mix for a few minutes 2/3 min then add the rest of the flour and salt

 Knead 5 min

 ðŸ”¹Place your dough on your work surface, form a ball, place in a bowl lightly oiled, cover and let rise for at least 1 hour

 Then form a large paton cut 14 small patons form balls of 50 gr each

 ðŸ”¹Reduce each ball of dough by adding a 1/2 laughing cow cheese in the center fold down the ends to close by insisting by pinching place everything on a tray covered with cellophane and direction the refrigerator for 20 minutes this will prevent your cheese from s  '' spread too much and get out of the dough when forming the naans

 ðŸ”¹Once out of the refrigerator, roll out each ball to be about 2 cm thick, neither too thin nor too thick

 on a pancake pan, cook for 5 min on each side then brush with butter

 ðŸ”¹ Escalope marinade:

 500 gr of escalope that I marinated the day before:

 1tbsp paprika

 1 tsp salt pepper garlic parsley, shallot

 2tbsp mustard

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