Slow cooker-BBQ-Ribs*


The amazing slow ribs are... amazing

Of course, living in Texas...we know all about good grilling.

Not only are they slowly cooked with the indirect heat of a us, these gems still fall off the bone, with so much flavor, you'll toss your hat in the air and exclaim: YES!

The great thing about the slow cooker is that you set it and forget it...until it's almost ready to eat.

Watch how we show you how easy it is to make amazing Slow Cooked Baby Back Ribs

We love pork chops.

The slow cooking method makes it very tender and delicious.

Ask your butcher to remove the membrane under the ribs.



°2 cups barbecue sauce

°2 teaspoons brown sugar

°3 cloves fresh garlic, mince

°2 tsp Worcestershire sauce

°1 teaspoon cayenne pepper (optional)

°4 to 5 pounds ribs

*How to BBQ Ribs from a Slow Cooker

In a zipper bag, pour the BBQ sauce

Add brown sugar, garlic, Worcestershire sauce and cayenne pepper, if desired

Close the bag with a zipper and use your hands to knead the bag and mix the sauce ingredients well.

Open the bag and stick the ribs inside

Closed bag and shake the bag to totally cover the ribs

Spray the inside of the slow cooker

Open the bag and place the ribs in the slow cooker

Pour half of the sauce from the bag into the slow cooker, making sure to coat the ribs with the sauce.

Cook on high for 4-5 hours to loosen the meat from the bones, on low for about 9 hours to loosen the meat from the bones.

If you prefer lean meat, but keep the bone, cook it over low heat for about 7 hours until the boneless meat comes through.

Have some of the sauce available on the table, then everyone can choose if they want more or not.

Enjoy !

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