Pavlovas :


Ingredients :

  - 250g of icing sugar

  - 5 egg whites.

  - Strawberries and raspberries

  - 20cl of 30% liquid cream

  - 250g of mascarpone

  - 50 / 100g of icing sugar for the whipped cream

  Steps :

  Start by separating the whites from the yolks, then pour the egg whites into the food processor with the icing sugar and mix for about 3/4 minutes so that the meringue is quite firm. Then spread the raw meringue on parchment paper in the shape you want for the final result (either large or miniatures). Then bake the meringues at 120 degrees for a good hour. Then, during this time, mount your mascarpone whipped cream. Beat the cream and the sugar to have a nice whipped cream and mix it delicately with the mascarpone. If you have a thermomix, you can directly insert mascarpone, liquid cream and icing sugar and the cream will rise on its own. Once the meringues are cooked and cooled, put the cream inside, breaking the hollow of the meringue a little so you can garnish it. And add the red fruits on top! You can also make it with mango, it's delicious. Good tasting 💫

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