Beef Liver and Onions


Beef recipe suggested by our recipes

Preparation time: 30 minutes
Cook-time: 5 to 11 min
Difficulty: simply

*Ingredients (3 people):

°Two slices of beef liver, about 160 grams each
° 4 onions
° thyme
° flour
° butter
° oil
° honey case
° 5 cl of old wine vinegar
° salt
° pepper

* Preparation:

Peel the onions and cut into slices. Putting fry pan on low heat with 1 tsp of oil &  knob of butter, salt, pepper and crumbled thyme, and when the onions start to brown add the honey and vinegar.   Flour the slices of liver a little, put a frying pan with a teaspoon of oil, knob butter over medium heat, fry the liver slices, salt and pepper, turn over, cook to your liking.   Arrange the caramelized onions and beef liver slices in a serving dish and garnish with parsley sprigs.


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