Simple, fast and effective, kids love it.

* Ingredients for 4 people :

° 4 eggs

° Two slices of white pork

° Two tablespoons of milk

° chives, chervil, mint

° olive oil

° Salt, paprika and pepper

* Preparation


For the first rolls: Beat 2 eggs, 1 tablespoon of milk, a pinch of paprika and fresh herbs of your choice or salt and pepper. Pour this omelette into a greased skillet about 8 inches in diameter and cook over low heat, until edges separate.


Gently flip it over with a spoon and let it burn for a few seconds. Place the thin omelette on a large plate. Continue in the same way with the second. Place on another plate and allow the omelette to cool slightly before placing two slices of ham over the entire surface. Adjust if necessary .

to end

Airtight roll. Cut into slices. Plant the spikes to make it easier to grab while eating an aperitif.

Enjoy !

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