Milk Tart Ice cream:


Milk Tart Ice cream:

 1 packet tennis biscuit

100gr melted butter

500ml fresh cream

2 tsp vanilla essence

1 can condensed milk cinnamon powder for dusting.

 Line the bottom and sides of a 22 cm spring form tin with baking paper. 

Crush the tennis biscuits, add the melted butter to it and mix well, place it in the bottom of the tin and press down well, leave in the freezer. 

Beat the fresh cream with the vanilla until soft peaks(Don't over beat), then add the condensed milk and beat again just until blended. 

Pour into the biscuit base and freeze for 6 hours or overnight. Take out from freezer when set and remove from tin, dust the top with the cinnamon powder. 

Serve and enjoy. Saw this vid a while back and had to try.

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