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* 3 cups flour

* 1 cup icing sugar

* 6 tsps baking powder

* 125g cold butter

* 1 egg

* 1 cup amasi (sour milk)

* 2 tsps vanilla essence.


* Sift flour, baking powder, icing sugar.

* Grate cold butter into flour. Use finger tips to combine flour and butter until it looks like bread crumbs.

* In a bowl mix the egg with amasi.

* Add this to your flour mixture.

* Mix ingredients together (don’t over mix)

* Dust flour on to the surface.

* Put on your scone mix and roll it out to about 3cm.

* Cut into shapes.

* Beat an egg and brush it on top of scones.

* Bake for 12-15 mins at 180 degrees or until they start turning golden 



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