🍕Neapolitan Pizza 🇮🇹


🍕Neapolitan Pizza 🇮🇹


 The famous Recipe from the world champion 🌍 pizza @peppeofficiel

 Hello my Pastry today I share with you a nugget a recipe just incredible a real kiff as well in tasting but in the realization I wanted to find a pizza recipe 🍕 like the one we find in pizzeria and that's it  done we hold a bomb 💣 without further delay here

 📌 ”The Recipe”

 Ingredient: for 4 pizza 🍕

 530 gr of T.55 flour

 335 g of lukewarm water

 17 gr of salt

 3 gr of dry baker's yeast

 🔸Prepare the leaven: lukewarm water (do not exceed 37 degrees) yeast reserve 10 min

 🔸Then add the flour with the salt in 3 batches

 Mix between each addition using a spoon, place on your floured work surface and collect the dough to form a ball, cover and let rise for 1 hour v seen (scroll through the images to see the steps)

 Then degas, divide into 4 balls and place on a cellophane plate and direction the refrigerator for 15 hours of growth

 🔺 I prepare the pizza dough the night before and I let it grow up all night in the fridge so I don't have to wait

 I take out my tray I leave my pasta at room temperature for 1/2 hour then I shape them with my fingertips in the center of each ball of dough without flattening the edges and stretching my dough as you go.  from a container place your dough that will help you stretch it without cracking it

 "I adapted the oven cooking not having a pizza oven" so I baked at Max 250 degrees 8-10min on the black tray of the oven low level of the oven and the top👌🏽

 🔸The garnish I put:

 Tomato coulis basil garlic pepper salt mix.

 Tuna onion mozzarella gruyere parmesan olive

 🔸 other pizza:

 Semi thick cream mix with the bursin

 Diced bacon of turkey ham onion black olive gruyere mushrooms basil

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