Mississippi Pot-Roast



° 4 pounds chuck roast or pot roast

° 1 packet of ranch mix

° 1 pouch low sodium gravy mix or gravy mix

° 6 peppers + ½ cup juice

° ¼ C butter

* Methods :

1. Brown roast beef in a skillet over medium-high heat, about 5 minutes on each side.

2. Place roast in the bottom of a slow cooker and adding  juice. Sprinkling with ranch blending & gravy mix.

3. Add the peppers and sliced ​​butter to the top of the slow cooker.

4. Cook over low heat 8 to 10 hours or until fork tender.

5. Serve over mashed potatoes.

Recipe Notes:

This can be cooked on high for 4-6 hours, but I prefer to cook on low for a tender buttery roast if time permits.

If you check your roast early and it's hard, it probably needs more time. Opening the slow cooker frequently will add extra cooking time to this recipe.

Enjoy !

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