pasta crust with ground beef recipe


This pasta crust with ground beef recipe is super simple to make using just a few ingredients straight from your pantry!!


+You need:

° Mince beef: 1.5 pounds

° Garlic: 1 clove (medium)

° black pepper

° Sazon Perfecta seasoning

° Pasta peel: 2 medium cups

° Oil: 1/4 cup

° Water: 4 cups

° Chicken broth Granules: 2 tablespoons

° Tomato broth Granules: 4 tablespoons

° Serrano pepper: 3 cubes

° Onion: ½ (chopped)

° Rutile: 1 can

° Coriander: a bunch (chopped)

° Garlic and onion powder, to taste

° Red sauce: 2 bags

° paper: 1 bay


Steps to do this:


Step 1:

To start the recipe, go ahead and saute ground beef with minced garlic, black pepper, and Sazon Perfecta seasoning.

Step 2: Meanwhile, sauté the pasta in 1/4 cup of oil (as you would rooney rice) in a deep skillet.


Step 3:

 you can now drain grease from ground beef. You'll need to adding meat to pasta crusts.


The fourth step:

You can then add water, Knorr Granulated Chicken Stock, diced chili, Knorr Granulated Tomato Stock, half an onion, rutile, a handful of chopped cilantro, red sazoon, bay. Next you need to add garlic and onion powder to your taste.


Fifth step:

stir & cover. Finally, cook on medium-high heat to your crust is soft, serving directly & enjoy!!

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